Combat Training and Learning Experience in Israel

March 17, 2019

One of the things that Israel is most famous for worldwide is its military and combat techniques.

In Israel, combat recruits (18 years old) must go through months of training, during which, the soldiers perfect their physical and mental skills to transform into IDF combat soldiers. In basic training, they learn the values and fundamentals of combat soldiers, including routine and military discipline, physical training, weapons training, shooting, and the principles of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces).

Our tourists have an option to experience firsthand what it is like to join the IDF, and participate in training of their choice, or learn about the military and Intelligence of Israel.

Shooting experience – get a taste of Israeli methods of shooting and combat.  Learn from the experts about weapons handling, counter terrorism tactics, and the values that guide the Israel Defense Forces.

Krav Maga self-defense training – Krav Maga is an aggressive type of martial arts developed in Israel and used by security forces in Israel and abroad.  The experiential Krav Maga activity combines practical learning and group games, using Krav Maga techniques along with the introduction of useful self-defense tools in a fun and interactive way. The activity is suitable for all ages! The training is done with a former combat officer in the IDF.

Watch Israel’s Elite security unit in training – visit the Israel Defense Academy, a leading institute providing a variety of services to simulate danger and train clients for real and extreme situations. Watch elite units in live training in shooting and anti-terrorism security training.

Urban Paintball experience – Unlike other paintball places this competition begins with instruction by some of the finest experts in close-quarter battle and urban combat.  Learn how to attack and defend specific objectives which increases the challenge and fun. Great for team building!

Empowerment workshop of Krav Maga with Eitan association – established by two members of combat units, one of whom was wounded in military operation, Eitan trains autistic children and adults in an individual training for personal empowerment. Join an interactive, experiential and inspiring workshop combining techniques from the physical fitness world, from the point of view of people with special needs. Workshop participants acquire useful tools of Krav Maga, and understand self-efficacy and the power of personal empowerment processes.

Visit the Israel Intelligence Heritage and Commemoration Center (IICC) – Tailored to the interests of each group, a typical tour includes a guided walk through the “Commemoration Maze”, viewing a heritage film (such as the Intelligence Community´s involvement in rescuing Diaspora Jewish communities in peril), exhibit tours and listening to veterans of the Intelligence community telling stories of missions in which they were involved.

For more information, please contact your tour planner in Amiel.