Celebrate Christmas in Israel 2017

Christmas in Israel offers pilgrims and visitors a very special and unique festive and spiritual experience, with the opportunity to spend Christmas in the ancient city of Jerusalem, to participate in Christmas festivities and Mass in Bethlehem of in Nazareth and visit the many Christian sites in the Galilee as well as participate in the Holiday of Holidays Festival in Haifa.

Visitors wishing to participate in Christmas mass in Bethlehem can order tickets at http://www.cicts.org/default.asp?id=353


A special Christmas tour of Jerusalem and Bethlehem on December 24 is also available  – ask us about it.



Special Events for Christmas


December 24

16:00   Traditional parade of thousands of youth from youth movements, together with the leaders of the Christian communities, through the main street of Nazareth. The parade ends at the plaza in front of the Basilica. It is expected that there will be 30,000 participants.

19:00    Christmas Mass in the Basilica of the Annunciation

December 25

00:00   Midnight Mass in the Basilica of the Annunciation

All Catholic Churches celebrate Mass. At the Church of the Annunciation the first Mass will begin at 07:00, with a festive Mass taking place at 10:00.



December 24th,

Christmas Carols Concert

The Jerusalem International YMCA is one of the oldest landmarks in Jerusalem. The historic building has always served as a center of culture, sport and a place of reconciliation since its establishment in 1878 and is one of the main bastions for Christmas celebrations in Jerusalem.

Christmas concert will be held on Thursday December 24th at 8pm in the auditorium.

This year’s Christmas carols concert hosts: Professor Gabi Scheffler – Bells (CARILLON), Woodwind Quintet, the “Inbalim” Ensemble, Sounds of Gilo choir, the Jerusalem International YMCA youth choir and the Israeli Opera soloists. Maria Yoffe – soprano, Simon Kricheli – tenor, Ella Danzig – piano. To finalize the musical celebration, there will be a sing-along, where the conductor will lead the audience in familiar hymns of Christmas Eve and the hall will be filled with amazing music.

Tickets: NIS 50

For reservations, please contact: Bimot




Throughout December Haifa celebrates for the 24th time a unique and special event, the “Holiday of Holidays” festival.  This exclusive holiday combines the celebration of three religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. “Holiday of Holidays” activities are held during the weekends, and they symbolize the values of coexistence, living together in peace and harmony, and mutual respect of all six religions in the city, joining the residents’ lives and fate together. The festival is an initiative of Beit Hagefen – an Arabic-Jewish cultural centre – and Haifa Municipality, who founded the festival in 1993. The holiday takes place in the Arab Wadi Nisnas neighborhood and extends to the German Colony at the foot of the Baha’i’ Gardens.

During the “Holiday of Holidays” the following activities are featured: an Antique Fair, an arts and crafts fair, special authentic foodstuffs prepared by residents of Wadi Nisna and music by artists of all ethnicities, liturgical music concerts in churches, street theater, Friday shows in Beit Hagefen auditorium, Holiday of Holidays exhibitions in galleries and around the festival center, downtown tours and art exhibitions.

For more information: http://haifahag.com/?lang=2