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Amiel Tours was founded in 1976 by Mr. Chuzi Amiel as a family-owned company, for incoming tourism to Israel. Mr. Oni Amiel continues at the company’s helm with the same spirit and dedication to professionalism instilled in him by his father, Chuzi. Oni’s three children are working at Amiel Tours as well; each contributing in his/her own capacity.

As a pioneering tour operator in Israel, we constantly strive to improve and share the newest attractions, tourist sites and comfortable accommodations with you, in order to deliver the greatest possible client experience. We bring forward our vision of combining emotional experiences with topnotch operational capabilities to create one-of-a-kind moments that resonate for a lifetime.

We specialize in tailor-made programs for groups, individuals, pilgrims, special interest tours, culture and study tours, MICE and so more. We at Amiel understand what individuals and groups need when traveling to Israel; a network of support is at your service with reliable and top-quality client service each step of the way. The company has grown in the past few years to around 120 employees in order to provide the service our clients deserve.

Our FIT department maintains a progressive online booking system (B2B) which offers you the opportunity to book hotels, transfers, car rentals, domestic flights, packages and VIP Airport services. Our system is easy to use and is backed up by an experienced and skilled team who is happy to serve and assist you and your clients when you need personal support.

We are the only operator in Israel with its own service representatives throughout the country in places such as Ben Gurion Airport, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and Eilat. Consequently, from the moment your clients arrive in Israel our staff is at their service 24/7. Our guides are all licensed by the Ministry of Tourism and are personally chosen by Amiel Tours based on their experience, their interpersonal skills, and their ability to speak a foreign language.

Our aim is to create wonderful memories for millions of tourists, continually crafting innovative programs that combine historical sites, emotional faith experiences, beautiful landscapes and local culture with a sense of purpose.

We make it memorable!

Amiel: A Story of a Family

In the summer 1839 the Amiel’s set out from Casablanca to Jaffa on a journey of faith and deliverance, in a boat that also carried the boxes of bones – the remains of Jews from Morocco, to be reinterred on Jerusalem’s Mount of Olives. This was the start of one family’s return from exile to the Holy Land, of which their fathers and forefathers had dreamed and for which they had prayed for generations.Oni & Chuzi 2

These replanted roots, the culmination of a 2000 year-old yearning, were the beginning of this special story in the holy land, a story containing hardships and turns of fortune. Settling first in Jaffa and then in what is now Tel Aviv’s Neve Tzedek neighborhood, the Amiel’s were expelled by the Turkish Ottoman government, and for five years the family lived in Alexandria, Egypt;   following the defeat of the Turks by the British, the family returned to the Land of Israel. Interestingly, Amiel Tours founder Eliahu Amiel z”l (1927-2016), known as Chuzi to all, was one of the first Israelis to visit Egypt after the peace agreement with Israel in 1979, where he located the grave of his grandfather, Eliahu Amiel, who had passed away in Alexandria during this mini expulsion.

Moshe, Chuzi’s own father, had played a modest role in the British efforts during the First World War, serving as a sergeant in the Mule Corps and fighting in the famous Battle of Gallipoli. Later Moshe Amiel served in the Public Work Department, paving roads through the land that would be Israel, and Chuzi fondly recalls these days of going to work with his father as the spark that ignited his own love for the land. Chuzi grew up to serve in the famed Palmach (the paramilitary armed forces of pre-state Israel) taking part in the battles for Safed and its surroundings.

Oni & Chuzi 3

Irit Amiel was born in Poland in 1931 as Irena Librowicz. She survived World War II in the Czestochowa ghetto, using false Aryan papers. Via illegal routes (through displaced persons camps in Germany, Italy and Cyprus), she managed to reach Palestine in 1947. Named Irit – “Irena, the name I was given at birth, died in the Holocaust and when I came to Israel, Irit was born,” – she met Chuzi while both took part in establishing Palmachim, a new kibbutz on the seashore. They were kibbutz members for three years before leaving. Later they married and the roots of the proud Sephardic Amiel family from Morocco and of his bride from Poland became eternally intertwined.

It was not only with Irit, however, that Chuzi fell in love. In the 1950’s the local bus cooperative where he worked had just received three brand new, red tourist buses, and Chuzi adored them so much that he just had to be one of the drivers. As one thing lead to another, as Chuzi the bus driver began working with tourism, then became a tour guide, and in turn a tour operator, a department head in a tour agency and, in 1976 he founded his own Chuzi Amielcompany, Amiel Tours. In moving so smoothly and quickly up the ladder of success, Chuzi also served as a model for many others of a similar background in Israel’s fledging tourism industry and as proof that hard work and dedication would be rewarded. Since those days, Amiel Tours has gone from strength to strength, as Chuzi passed on the management torch to his son, Oni, the fifth generation of Amiels fortunate enough to live in the Land of Israel, the land of our ancestors.

The State of Israel too has recognized Amiel Tours contribution to the tourism industry; Chuzi was selected by the Ministry of Tourism as its “Man of the Year” in 1996, and in 2000 he was honored for “A Lifetime Achievement Award” for work done in tourism by the President of the State of Israel.   In addition, Amiel Tours has been a nine-time recipient of the “Distinguished Tourist Operator Award” for all the work it has done in the promotion and expansion of the tourism trade in Israel.

Today, the company is led by Mr. Oni Amiel with the same spirit and dedication to professionalism instilled in him by his father, Chuzi. A licensed tour guide, Oni has been active in the tourism industry since 1973, establishing Shalom Israel Reisen in Germany as a tour operator for outgoing tours to Israel. He has been atChuzi receives prize 2 the helm of Amiel Tours and its subsidiaries since 1986, taking over as director and CEO from his father, Chuzi Amiel, in 2000.  Oni brings with him his special vision of tourism as Zionism, a principle which is put well into practice in hiring Olim and giving them a first “home” in Israel, as well as in Amiel’s work with Federations and Jewish groups from around the world.  Oni’s Zionism is also manifest in his continuing to volunteer in the IDF reserves as a Special Operations Major. Truly a family company, two of Oni’s children also work at Amiel Tours, establishing the newest generation in the business.

In 2016 Amiel Tours celebrates four memorable decades as one of Israel’s premier tour operators as it develops hand in hand with this young, dynamic country.

Create and deliver one-of-a-kind experiences that become lifelong memories

Amiel is a pioneering tour operator that offers outstanding travel experiences filled with unique and unforgettable moments.

For over 40 years, we have had the privilege to create wonderful memories for over a million tourists, continually crafting new  programs that combine historical sites, roots of faith, beautiful  landscapes and local culture with a sense of purpose.

Our Values:









Oni Amiel
CEO & President
Amir Nachshony
Idit Haiman
VP Marketing & Sales
Neomi Amiel
Head of IT
Yuval Amiel
VP Operations - Americas & Asia
Orit Toledano
Personal Assistant to President


Marketing & Sales 

Rachel Spigelman
Marketing & Sales Executive
Idit Haiman
VP Marketing & Sales
Jayme Lozober
Director of Sales Brazil
Miki Avni
Director of Sales Asia
Laura Green
Western USA Representative
JLauraG@amiel.israel.net T: 801 944 5200


Americas & Asia Team

Yuval Amiel
VP Operations N.America & Asia
Aviv Rahat
Operations Manager - North & South America Pilgrim Team
Lisette Grosbard
Manager - North American & Latin American Department
Daniel Ashbel
Senior Tour Planner - North America Team
Ilan Astrinsky
Senior Tour Planner - North & Latin America Team
Yohanna Tal
Tour Planner - North America Team

North America Premium Travel

Anat Gelkop
Supervisor - North American Premium Travel
Liat Kushner Richman
Senior Tour Operator - Premium Travel Department
Noa Amiel Eden
Senior Tour Operator - Premium Travel Department


Europe Team

Christina Bartsch
Operations Manager - German Market
Lilach Kramarz
Manager - Europe Team & Purchasing
Cosima Vicari
Tour Planner - European Team (Italian Market)
Valeria Blatt
Tour Operator - Europe & German Team




Amir Nachshony
Gila Guata
Manager - Accounting Team
Silvi Ratskovski
Accounting Department

Experienced Tour Operator:

Job Description:

The position includes operation, logistic and administration for groups and singles coming from abroad to visit Israel; building itineraries, coordinating with suppliers in Israel, quotations, problem solving and keeping close contact with the agents abroad.


  • Fluent both in written and speaking in English.
  • Additional language skills are a big plus (German, Italian, Spanish).
  • Basic Hebrew is acceptable.
  • Experience in the tourism industry- a must!

Your tasks:

  • Getting to know Israel (routes, sites, parks, hotels etc…).
  • You must be responsible, passionate about assisting customers, multi-tasking, self-motivated, detail oriented, good oral and written skills, and full computer literacy.

**The position is full time at our office in Or Yehuda.

Please send your CV to Sharonj@amiel.israel.net


Tour Planner expert in MICE travel

Job Description:

The position includes building of creative itineraries and offers for incentive tours, conferences and events for large groups; operation, logistic and administration for groups coming from abroad; inspection tours, coordinating with suppliers in Israel, building complex quotations, problem solving and keeping close contact with the agents abroad.


  • Fluent both in written and speaking in English.
  • Experience with High end clients
  • Great people skills and Service Oriented
  • Ability to make quotes and build creative touring programs
  • PowerPoint skilled
  • Additional language skills are a big plus (German, Italian, French, Spanish).
  • Basic Hebrew is acceptable.
  • Experience in the tourism industry- minimum 3 years
  • Experience in producing conferences and events   -a must!

Your tasks:

  • Getting to know Israel (venues, routes, sites, parks, hotels etc…).
  • You must be responsible, passionate about assisting customers, multi-tasking, self-motivated, detail oriented, good oral and written skills, and full computer literacy.

**The position is full time at our office in Or Yehuda.

Please send your CV to Sharonj@amiel.israel.net


Our Clients


Hello ,
I met with Joyce Lozow yesterday. The family loved the trip and especially all the amazing activities you included, and of course all the fabulous restaurants.
They were especially grateful to Doron their guide for taking the Lozow girls sailing the last day of their stay on his own time.


Thank you.
The guests said they had an amazing time and that Ron was FANTASTIC. I very much appreciate it.


I am writing to say a huge big thank you for the tours and hotels you organised for me I could not have wished for better. I was met and looked after every step of the way as detailed in your itinerary designed especially for me. The Melody and Harmony Hotels were excellent in both comfort and location as was their friendly service. I’m so pleased you included the trip to Eilat, which I wouldn’t have thought of myself, very worthwhile and different and I learnt a lot”¦. All the trips were of varied and excellent content – loved them all and now have a so much greater understanding of your amazing country. And it is safe!!!
Rest assured I will recommend your company to all and anyone whom I can convince MUST go to Israel.
Again, thank you for a truly wonderful experience.

Tampa, Florida

So I just wanted to let you know that Jack has claimed this trip as “the best mission yet” and he has been on three previous ones. The places we went and the things we did were all superb! We couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful experience. Ilan and Rami were both incredible. We enjoyed spending time getting to know them and felt completely safe. So, it might not come as a surprise that we already want to start thinking about the next trip”.


Hi, sent me a very long email. They LOVED Everything. Said hotels were great = loved Tel Aviv - it seems like everything was a huge success. It has a lot to do with the hard work that you put into this. Many, many thanks for everything.

Stefan & Julie

We recently returned from a visit to Israel, where we were escorted by a representative of your company, on 18th and 19th of October. We were extremely pleased with his guiding, he was professional, very knowledgeable and full of information which helped make our visit a memorable one. He was prompt when picking us up and a very good driver. He had a pleasant and friendly manner and we enjoyed his company very much”¦ we will happily recommend him to any friends who are considering touring in Israel.


Dear Lady/Gent,
I am a Taiwanese and just came back from Israel on Tuesday. I have to say that its an amazing trip.
Our tour guide from your company, Nigi is really a great guide. She speaks perfect mandarin and English and well explained us the religions, cultures, environment etc. of Israel in a neutral point of view. She followed us everywhere and shared with us her feeling. Make sure our safety in every spot. Work very hard to rearranged our trip due to custom delay.
I do appreciate her accompany and support during our stay. We do have a pleasant trip.


Hi ,
Once more thank you for being our teacher, shepherd, and leader for the past 14 days! Everyone was deeply grateful for your care, insight and teaching. You have a wonderful gift which you have developed well and are blessing others with. You taught me some insights that I had never connected the way you did and they made good sense. I have always appreciated the Hebrew and Greek word meanings and found them to add so much to the text of Scripture.
I trust we will keep in touch and should there be another time I would be delighted to have you guide us again.
Please accept our thanks and appreciation.



A wonderful guide, his name Ben
Treated us so well, almost like kin
From America to Israel, he found a new life
Now with a young son and a beautiful wife
His work as a tour guide, none could be better
Every detail, every action was down to the letter
A Historian with passion, and excitement to share
He captivated our group with the when, how and where
A story he could tell, so vivid and true
He would paint it in colors like green, red and blue
After 10 days of herding and prodding this motley crew
He, no doubt, will need a break, and a cold, cold brew
As we say our “goodbye”, we wish him well
For, of his great work, to others we will tell.


I would like to thank Amiel for organizing such a wonderful tour of Israel. Nurit from Amiel certainly picked exactly what we needed to see to get a beautifully balanced view of Israel. From the north to the south we marveled at the wide diversity Israel has to offer. The hotels were superb, the organization flawless, the bus was very, very good with a smooth and safe driver. At no time did we feel unsafe during our entire tour. Yossi Paz was our guide. He provided great insight into all the aspects of Israeli life, history, religion, music, food and the Israeli people and their history. He is a highly talented and knowledgeable person with a great sense of humor and an unwavering passion and energy to provide us a truly memorable trip. I have no hesitation in recommending Amiel for tours to Israel.

Dr. Timothy
Springfield, Missouri

I have just returned to the United States from my first trip to Israel . I cannot put into words how wonderful the hospitality and services were in making this an experience of a lifetime. Agent high confidence in you and your company is well placed. It is a joy to partner with you and we hope to continue to do so in the years to come.

By the way, thank you for providing the umbrellas to our tour group. They came in very handy.