The Abraham Path – 9 days, 8 nights

The Abraham Path (touristic initiative born in Harvard University) follows Abraham’s journey into the unknown, a journey instigated by faith, emboldened by trust and enriched along the way by encounters with people that were different from him. A rich and diverse cultural memory of Abraham and his family still pulses through the region today from Urfa to Harran, from Jerusalem to Mecca, from Hebron to the Negev.

A cultural journey in the cradle of Monotheism.

Day 1

Arrive at Ben Gurion International airport near Tel Aviv; meeting & assistance by an Amiel Tours representative.
Dinner & overnight: Tel Aviv

Day 2

The Desert of the Patriarchs

Drive south to the ancient site of Tel Beer Sheva, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit Abraham’s well, the reconstructed altar and the biblical city. Continue to Kfar Hanokdim to visit Abraham’s tent and learn about ancient desert traditions.

Optional: camel back ride (1-2 enjoyable hours of tour can be done before sunset)

Dinner & overnight: Arad, Judean Wilderness

Day 3

Mt. Sodom and the Dead Sea

Walk down Mt. Sodom and see the salt shafts of the “saltiest” mountain in the world. Ascend for a panoramic view towards the Valley of Sodom and the Moab mountains. Walk along Wadi Zohar to visit the ancient Roman fortress in the middle of the serene and fascinating white rock formations. Continue south to the legendary mountaintop plateau of Masada. Ascend by cable car to explore the ancient fortress and synagogue. Masada is the site of the last stronghold of the Jewish Zealots in their struggle against the Roman Legion. Enjoy the remainder of the afternoon at leisure while you float in the unsinkable waters of the Dead Sea.

Dinner & overnight: Dead Sea region

Day 4

Jerusalem – from Mt. Of Olives to the Temple Mount

Ascend the Mt. of Olives for a panoramic view of Jerusalem; overlooking the Old City, the mountain is covered partly in olive trees, cemeteries and churches – commemorating the Christian events in the last days in the life of Jesus. Descend via the Palm Sunday Route to visit the Garden of Gethsemane. Visit Kidron Valley including Absalom’s Pillar and prophet Zaccharia’s Tomb. Continue to The City of David to explore the new, exciting excavations of the Canaanite fortress. Enter the gates of the Old city and walk along the Via Dolorosa ending with a visit to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Optional: Visit the Temple Mount and the Dome of the Rock, where Abraham bound Isaac for sacrifice.

Dinner & overnight: Jerusalem

Day 5

From Bethlehem to Hebron in the way of the Fathers

Visit Bethlehem, site of the birth of Jesus. Our visit here includes Shepherds’ Field, David’s Well and the Church of the Nativity. Continue to Hebron – city of our forefathers – for a visit to the Cave of Machpelah – one of the holiest places in the Land of Israel. The cave is the burial place that Abraham purchased for his family after Sarah died. Later, Isaac and Ishmael buried Abraham here. Subsequently, it became the final resting place for all the patriarchs and matriarchs who died near Bethlehem, except for Rachel. End the day with a visit to Mamre and witness the remains of the Byzantine church commemorating the meeting of Abraham and the angles.

Dinner & Overnight Jerusalem

Day 6

Road of the Patriarchs from Jerusalem to Bethel

Drive from Jerusalem to the Tomb of the Prophet Samuel, at the Crusader castle of Mt. Joy. Proceed to Bethel to see the remains of the cultic area of the Patriarchs. Visit Shiloh place of the ancient tent of the Tabernacle. Explore the area of Nablus: visit St. Jame’ Well and Mt. Gherizim – the holy mountain of the Samaritans. Time permitting, visit a Samaritan synagogue.

Dinner & overnight: Tiberias

Day 7

Around the Sea of Galilee

Start your tour in Tiberias and visit the Tomb of the Matriarchs. Visit Mount of Beatitudes, a lovely octagonal church where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the northern part of the Sea of Galilee. Continue to Capernaum where the discovery of a 2nd century synagogue shed new light on the life of the community of that era. According to the Christian tradition, Jesus served here as a local rabbi and performed miracles. Visit Tabgha, the traditional site of the miracle of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes and the third resurrection appearance of Jesus. Enjoy a traditional St. Peter’s Fish lunch. Ascend the Golan Heights to explore the ancient Greco-Roman city of Hippos.  End your day next to the spectacular Roman Byzantine ruins at Hamat Gader and then take a dip in the famous hot springs known throughout the ages for their curative powers.

Dinner & overnight: Tiberias


Day 8

Upper Galilee and Mt Hermon

Drive across the Valley of Bethsaida to the Dan Nature Reserve, headsprings of the Jordan River. Ancient Tel Dan is known for its biblical temple of Jeroboam and its Bronze Age arch.Visit Mt. Hermon and the Nimrod Fortress to see the finest in Muslim architecture from the late Middle-eve (biblical Nimrod as Abraham’s enemy); Ascend to the peak of Mt. Hermon: walk from Mt. Agas to Makam Ibrahim* – the place of the covenant between Abraham and the God of Israel/Ishmael; (*pending security clearance). Visit the Druze village of Ein Kinia – the peaceful Muslim sect between Israel and Syria. Visit the holy oaks grove of the prophet Hazouri.

Dinner & overnight: Tiberias

Day 9

The Sharon Valley

Drive through the Sharon Valley along the Mediterranean coastline to for a morning visit to Caesarea; from here the word about Christian monotheism spread forth to the capital of the Roman Empire and to the entire world.

Transfer to the airport for our flight back home