"Every happy tourist is our best ambassador"
Chuzi Amiel z”l (1927-2016)
Founder of Amiel Tours

Amiel Tours was founded in 1976 by Mr. Chuzi Amiel as a family-owned, full-service B2B company, for incoming tourism to Israel Since then, the company has been a nine-time recipient of the “Distinguished Promoter of Tourism” award and has become the largest and one of the most respected providers of travel services in Israel. Today, the company is led by Mr. Oni Amiel with the same .spirit and dedication to professionalism instilled in him by his father, Chuzi.

Meeting your expectations and understanding your clients’ needs is our first priority; our versatile and experienced team of seventy full-time employees is highly professional, caring, multilingual, motivated and known for its creativity and innovative spirit. We focus on the following major markets:

North America – USA & Canada
Europe – Germany, Italy, France, Spain & Scandinavia
Asia – Japan, Far East & Mainland China
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Meet: Amiel Global

Amiel Global Amiel Global

Amiel Tours has established a global brand called Amiel Global for our international operation which includes partnership in Germany and in Italy.
These companies provide ground services in Germany and Italy, in combination with other European destinations.
In addition, we have the capacity to provide the same concept services in Greece.
We are experts in creating tailor-made programs for groups, individuals, pilgrims, special interest journeys, cultural and study tours. We offer all services for your clients, like hotels, transfers, car rentals, private tours, sit in a coach tour, and VIP Airport services at most competitive prices.
Amiel Global has a solid worldwide line of credibility, quality and customer service.
Amiel Global brings forward our vision of combining emotional experience with top-notch operational capabilities to create oneof-a-kind moments that resonate for a lifetime.
Amiel Global is a full-service B2B company.
The aim of Amiel Global is to create wonderful and unforgettable memories for thousands of tourists around the globe.


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