Christian Pilgrimage Tours To Israel

Amiel Tours knows that traveling to the land of Israel will be spiritually uplifting and you will be able to connect your favorite Bible passages to the actual places where it happened. A  journey to the Holy Land will create spiritual moments and memories that will last a lifetime!   

Classic Catholic Israel Tour – 8 days, 7 nights

Israel, where it all began! This very special Holy Land pilgrimage tour takes you to the places where Jesus walked. Experience a spiritual journey that will include church services and inspiring visits to sites such as Nazareth, Bethlehem, Jerusalem mountains and the Sea of Galilee.

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The Abraham Path – 9 days, 8 nights

The Abraham Path (touristic initiative born in Harvard University) follows Abraham’s journey into the unknown, a journey instigated by faith, emboldened by trust and enriched along the way by encounters with people that were different from him. A rich and diverse cultural memory of Abraham and his family still pulses through the region today from […]

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